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The nanodaemons stories are some of my oldest ideas. I’ve had much fun writing them, and frankly, I still have many nanodaemons ideas left on my folders that could have evolved into fun little stories.
Unfortunately these haven’t gotten the audience I would have liked. I know they’re a bit hard to follow, and a bit techy, and I really tried to tone the jargon down in some cases. So, this box set is an attempt to get all of them in a small little package for people to enjoy. If it goes well, I might get back to these wacky little stories of man and tech at some point.
The original idea came to me from a comic book adaptation in Greek of Aristophanes’ ‘Clouds,’ in which the speech bubbles, called kaina daemonia (καινά δαιμόνια), meaning ‘new godlings,’ are the ones that Socrates is accused of using. The daemons, literal meaning expert entity, are corrupting the youth in Athens in the usual bonkers Aristophanes way. The comic was modernised a bit for the new audience and I loved it as a kid.
I’ve also had in mind that scene of the floating bit from original TRON where it replies in zeroes and ones, as in ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ And how the programs perceive the users as gods to be revered.
Mix those two ideas together and you have Nanodaemons, a story where the Internet-of-Things devices are experts in their fields, using their limited influence over the real world to help out their user, which they revere.
It’s not too far away as sci-fi goes. The story might be dramatised and their chat is meant to be funny, but the Internet-of-Things is an order of magnitude more complex than the internet we use today. It’s so complex that we’ve had to upgrade the IP protocol in order to accommodate the trillions of nodes it would need. From complex structures such as that, we have emerging qualities. Yes, the daemons running the smartdevice won’t technically be intelligent, but add enough of them together and give them enough data and they might surprise us.
So, please, enjoy their stories and don’t be intimidated by the computer lingo.
It is, after all, our new reality.

George Saoulidis,
Athens, 2020.

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